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Posted by: Reza Clifton on 12/10/2013 | 0 Comments
Ten things you can do to maintain your feminist identity, ideals and lifestyle even through this onslaught of commercialism masked as tradition and debt-mongering masked as obligation that is upon us and still growing.
Posted by: Reza Clifton on 8/29/2013 | 0 Comments
As we think about Women’s Equality Day (August 26, 2013) and the recent debacle by Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards, I submit to you that these hashtags can help open up the conversation about why inclusion and racial unity in the Feminist Movement and Women’s Equality Day have been and continue to be difficult and in need of attention.
Posted by: Reza Clifton on 4/19/2012 | 0 Comments
One organization, three arts fellowships, and none went to a woman. This got my attention a few weeks ago, as well as the attention of other friends like a woman in music I know. Is this the reason so many women I know are using crowdfunding websites and digital fundraising tools? And is this an alternative that should be pursued?
Posted by: Reza Clifton on 4/5/2012 | 0 Comments
“Kickstarter expects to fund more art projects than the NEA.” Wait...a contraption that supports martial arts movements is expected to fund more art than one of the country’s leading education trade unions?
Posted by: Reza Clifton on 3/1/2012 | 0 Comments
“If you look at what it took for Katy Perry or Beyoncé to get on the list,” begins Wilson, “it is often different.” She points out that there is often more reliance on what they wore, how little they wore, or what else they were doing besides music.
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