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Op-ed by Sierra Barter, PVD Lady Project co-founder & CEO
Posted by: Bethany Imondi on 4/2/2015 | 0 Comments
While the election of the Ocean State's first female governor is notable, other inequities women wish were just bad April Fool's jokes remain ingrained in our political system.
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Today we are opposing a bill in the House Finance Committee that would keep people from accessing our landmark Temporary Caregiver Insurance program.
Posted by: Farah Faye on 9/9/2014 | 0 Comments
Election Day is your chance to let our leaders know that you will stand up for women and their place in our society. If you want to see a change in the way woman are treated, make sure you go out and vote today.
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Caring Across Generations is looking to highlight the stories that are usually less visible - the story of the grandparent who's raising their grandkids because their own children have been deported or are incarcerated. Or the amazing grandparent who supported their grandkid's coming out process. Please note: the contest is open to any elder who has played a significant role in your life, whether living or passed on.
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