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On Monday, April 14, 2014, with a vote of 5 to 1, the Central Falls City Council approved the passage of The Gender Equity in the Workplace Ordinance - an ordinance that will prevent pregnant workers from being pushed out of their jobs when they need a modest accommodation in order to keep earning a paycheck and stay healthy.
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It may have been a long March, waiting for spring to arrive and stay, but luckily, since it was Women’s History Month, I had plenty of women–watching to help bide the time. I did some of my watching on my iPad while on the treadmill at my health club so I could work off some of my winter padding at the same time.
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It's Women's History Month again, and shout outs go to Cate Blanchett for speaking truth from the podium, and to all women of character, courage and commitment. Who do you know who fits that description?
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The effects of a culture that values money over people persist year-round, though, convincing us that we aren’t healthy until we see a certain number on the scale or can divide our midsections into visible abdominal muscles.
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It’s African American History Month, and this play by Brown alum Lynn Nottage centers around the life of an African American seamstress in New York City in 1905, based on Nottage’s own great-grandmother’s story. Nottage describes an important aspect of her work as “my focus on African-American women, or women from the African diaspora, who’ve been marginalized by circumstance and who are trying to assert their presence.”
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