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Posted by: Molly Savard on 8/12/2014 | 0 Comments
If we focused on losing hate as much as we obsessed over losing weight, we might all feel a little better about ourselves.
Posted by: clientadmin on 8/7/2014 | 0 Comments
Caring Across Generations is looking to highlight the stories that are usually less visible - the story of the grandparent who's raising their grandkids because their own children have been deported or are incarcerated. Or the amazing grandparent who supported their grandkid's coming out process. Please note: the contest is open to any elder who has played a significant role in your life, whether living or passed on.
Posted by: Molly Savard on 7/15/2014 | 0 Comments
If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a lot of trans love lately. Laverne Cox, who stars in Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” served as a Grand Marshal in the New York City Pride Parade, appeared on the cover of TIME magazine and in a John Legend video, and earned an historic Emmy nomination.
Posted by: Pam Steager on 7/7/2014 | 0 Comments
It’s July, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet, like a summer night. Well, short anyway. Nothing very sweet about the news for women as June wrapped up with the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of allowing closely-held companies to opt out of an Affordable Health Care Act provision that requires employers to offer contraception coverage.
Posted by: clientadmin on 7/3/2014 | 0 Comments
On the heels of the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families, we're joining California and New Jersey to celebrate anniversaries of successful family leave insurance programs. Thanks to TCI - Temporary Caregiver Insurance, which was signed into law last year, Rhode Island families no longer have to choose between taking care of their loved ones and keeping their jobs!
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