Meet our Board & Staff


Kim Ahern
Suzy Alba
Carolyn Benedict-Drew
Tina Benik
Cheryl Burrell
Liana Cassar
Adriana Dawson
Judith Ventura Enright
Chris Fierro
Nellie Gorbea
Daria Kreher
Nicole Lagace
Nancy Langrall
Arianne Lynch
Robin Main
Rogean Makowski
Neal J. McNamara
Frances O’Neill-Cunha
Jeffrey Padwa
Molly de Ramel
Elizabeth Suever


Marcia Coné, CEO
Nuria Chantre, Communications Officer
Rachel Colaiace, Fund Development Officer
Gayle Goldin, Strategic Initiatives Officer
Shandi Hanna, Community Engagement Coordinator
Andrea Joseph, Major Gifts Officer


Alexandra Natale

"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island because I see its work as the natural next step in my feminist journey. My knowledge of feminism has informed my writing, inspiring me to write feminist critiques of society. Now that I have the ability to recognize the problems our society faces, I want to empower myself with the ability to make policy changes that will shift our culture. Working at the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island has given me the opportunity to learn how people organize for change, and this knowledge will be invaluable as I continue to work for equality throughout my life."  Alexandra Natale, Sophomore at Wheaton College MA

Juan Riaño
Courtney Gilman
Hannah Tighe
Kathryn Eleuterio
Maggie Dunleavy
Drew McCormick