Meet our Board & Staff


Kim Ahern
Liana Cassar
Daria Kreher
Nicole Lagace
Nancy Langrall
Arianne Corrente
Robin Main
Neal J. McNamara
Frances O’Neill-Cunha
Myrth York


Jenn Steinfeld, Executive Director
Jenica Reed, Communications and Office Manager
Shandi Hanna, Community Engagement Coordinator


Gianna Jasinski
 “Sexism continues to exist in all aspects of life. Working to eliminate the injustices that women face in society has always been one of my passions. I strongly believe that women deserve equality in the household, in educational institutions, in workplaces, in government, etc. The Women’s Fund has exposed me to issues women face today and has given me skills to help make a positive change for women. Working with the Women’s Fund has given me energy to fight for legislative changes that advance women in all arenas of life. I am excited to apply the knowledge and tools this experience has provided me with to removing the economic, educational, and political barriers that women face. My experience at the Women’s Fund has greatly influenced my feminist voice and has inspired me to lead women to create a community where gender equality exists for all.”
Emily Mercurio, Marketing & Communications